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I made the best out of my quarantine: updates from home

It's my 20th day at home, I haven't gone out except for shopping; I'm starting to feel the difference between wanting to be home and being forced into staying home. I'm begging myself for a walk and consistently saying "nope" because I'm too scared of going out, and lazy too. Detail: I'm not the lazy type of person. My body has changed a bit in these 20 days too: my sleep pattern has moved from 7 hours to 9 per night, I started to eat late at night and to go to sleep even later, and because I'm always at home I don't feel the need for drinking water. Not good. So I started to force myself into a new routine which is dictated by hours, hobbies and responsabilities. How many things I forgot I wanted to do, which I never did because... work? So many. First off, sewing: it takes so much time and discipline but because I'm dead tired after commuting - working - commuting, whenever I usually get back home the only thing I'm actually able to do is to cook something, have a shower and watch a tv show. In bed. Haha. Second, finally working on my website. Yes, finally, and I want to work on a Facebook and a Twitter page too - which I still haven't done, but it's on the to-do list. Third, read: I have so much to read, so many comics and books waiting for me on the shelf. Here I am fellow book-friends, I got this! Fourth: projects: I have a good number of projects waiting to be started and others that need to be finished. I can't do them since I have classes once a week and I only have two days off in which I plan to rest and work on main projects only. That's the death of creativity! No way.

And fifth: taking care of my house. I just moved in and all I have been doing in these last days it's been building furniture, which doesn't necessarily mean "making a house look nice"; at all.

So I set daily mini goals that help me to stick to discipline and to feel relaxed and at peace with my world even if I have to be at home.

Journaling makes things sooo much easier and better. I love journaling; I set myself easy tasks like baking potatoes (nam), laundry, tidying up my studio and, if I feel like it, carrying on with projects and personal drawings, one page a day, following a scheduled timetable. Also, I don't want to be strict on times considering that 15 minutes won't change my home routine too much. I like it this way, it makes me feel happy because I feel like I have achieved something during the day and, if I can do more than this, I'm even happier.

From yesterday I even started to work on my sleep pattern in order to get back to my usual sleep hours: I set my alarm at 10 am, then today at 9.30 am, and so on. Slowly slowly I'm going to get my sleep pattern back. Anyhow. Today I tidied up the studio, which now looks better; I got to move all the fabrics somewhere else in order to gain some more space. I have plenty of room to be used eventually for a new bookcase (yes, please), maybe next month.

I'll be working on one page of the comic book project I'm busy with at the moment, probably from 5 pm to 7 pm, while I washed all my clothes which are now drying. And from 7 pm on, I'll treat myself to a nice warm shower, comfy socks and crafting, maybe a nice tv show. Slowly and with my 1L water bottle with me, drink drink, do do. Tiny slow steps towards wellbeing :)

It's all for now, doing my best to make myself happy and healthy.

If you read this until now, it means somehow you care about my thoughts, so thank you so much!

All the love,



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